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Sena Sugar Estate Mozambique Fowler Engines

Here is an interesting collection of pictures of Fowler Ploughing Tackle on the Sena Sugar Estate in Mozambique. The pictures were taken by Geoff Cooke in 1976:

Sena Sugar was a British owned company based in Luabo, Central Mozambique who produced cane sugar and used a wide variety of agricultural and rail steam, much of which [...]

McLaren 767 Restoration in South Africa

Sandstone Heritage Trust web site features an extensive photo diary of the restoration of McLaren 767 at the in South Africa.
The engine was completed in October 2008 and has recently made apperances at a number of events. The site will be of tremendous use to anybody restoring an engine, particularly a McLaren.

Google Newspaper/Book Search

Google have started to put a lot of old newspaper content and books online, there is currently very much an American bias but there are UK items available if you search around a bit. They have indexed everything, headlines, articles, photographs, adverts and new items are being added all the time so it is worth [...]