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Fowler Ploughing Engines in Angola

About a year ago I wrote a post about several abandoned ploughing engines in Angola which I had become very interested in. In the intervening period I have spoken to several people who have seen these engines first hand and even heard of several reports that the engines had been moved or tipped over.
This is [...]

Canadian Wallis & Steevens Advance

A first time visitor to Steam Scenes has sent me these pictures of his Wallis and Steevens Advance roller, 7985 of 1928 which is now in Hope, British Columbia, Canada.

This is of course a design of engine that is very familiar to UK enthusiasts but must be quite a change when compared to the engines [...]

Fowler Farmers Engine

A month or so ago I received an email via Steam Scenes Contact Form with some pictures attached of an hitherto unknown engine located in the South of France near the Spanish border:

The owners of the engine knew little about it, the works plate had been stolen some years ago and they didn’t even know [...]