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Foster Steam Wagon Catalogue

I have been sent these scans of an original Foster Steam Wagon catalogue by Al Jackson who’s family requested the catalogue from Fosters when they were considering the purchase of a wagon. Catalogues such as this make interesting reading and general contain pictures were don’t survive anywhere else – and they are worth quite a [...]

Wm Kerr Steam Road Haulage in Scotland

I have recently purchased a couple of books about Scottish transport which have a couple of great pictures of Wm Kerr engines at work in Scotland.
The first shows Road Engines and Kerr delivering a 40-ton transformer to the Loch Tummel power staion in Perthshire in 1930. Kerr’s owned four McLaren Road Locomotives which they had [...]

Fowler Ploughing Engines 14726 & 14727

Al Jackson whose family own Fowler AA7 class Ploughing Engines 14726 & 14727 has kindly sent me the following information and pictures about the engines.
The Order
The order for the a new set of engines was placed in by my great grandfather Lewis Jackson on July 13th 1917 with a £500 deposit and request of delivery [...]