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Cheffins Fowler Roller 15965 Auction Results

I visited the Cheffins auction at Easter Compton today. This was a altogether smaller affair than the big auctions at Cheffins Cambridge site which most are more familiar attending. One engine was offered, Fowler T3 Road Roller 15965 “Irish Lady”. This engine has been owned by the Tarmac organisation for a good number of years, [...]

Cheffins to Auction Fowler Steam Roller 15965

This Saturday, 27 February 2010, sees the first auction of the year where Cheffins will sell Fowler T3 Roller 15965 at an auction near Bristol. The engine has been owned since the mid 1970’s by Tarmac Roadstone who acquired it following the acquisition of another company. They have now decided to sell the engine, a [...]

Stotfold Road Run 2009

The Annual Christmas Road Run was held around the streets of Stotfold and Arlesey in Bedfordshire on Tuesday 29 December. This is the traditional way for many to blow away the Christmas cob webs and get their last whiff of steam before the end of the year.
As normal the engines started out from Saunders yard [...]