Monthly Archives: April 2009

Trevithick Day 2009

I was lucky to be able Camborne Trevithick Day again this year, my 4th successive year. For me this is a highlight of the rally season, no other event is like it, having so many engines move around the streets and the reception the event gets from the public is something else:

The weather wasn’t very [...]

Steam Engine Post Cards

Post cards of engines used to be very popular, you still see some for sale on stalls at rallies or on eBay. A friend of mine gave me a collection of post cards that he had found in a cupboard. Some of these engines are on Steam Scenes now and it’s interesting to compare the [...]

Aveling Steam Roller 7798 at Work

The following pictures were given to me by a friend who used to help run the roller in them, Aveling 7798:

The pictures were taken at some point during the 1980’s in Hinckley, Leicestershire where the engine currently resides. For many years the engine stood in a park in Hinckley before being rescued and restored. It [...]