Contributor Collections – Steam Scenes

One of the things which has been on my To-Do list for the longest is to get a proper contributors section sorted for Steam Scenes. I did have one on the old site but it meant manually coding and adding pages which took far too long. I have finally got round to putting something better together:

There is still much todo, including tiding the first page a bit but I did manage to launch with the most fantastic set of pictures from Peter Harding taken in South Africa:

More can be seen here:

Foster Steam Wagon Catalogue

I have been sent these scans of an original Foster Steam Wagon catalogue by Al Jackson who’s family requested the catalogue from Fosters when they were considering the purchase of a wagon. Catalogues such as this make interesting reading and general contain pictures were don’t survive anywhere else – and they are worth quite a bit these days.

Foster wagons are now very rare engines with only one example in the UK, Foster 14470 of 1921, this engine was returned from Australia some years ago.

A selection of pictures from the catalogue are below, click for a bigger version.


Fowler Ploughing Engines in Angola

About a year ago I wrote a post about several abandoned ploughing engines in Angola which I had become very interested in. In the intervening period I have spoken to several people who have seen these engines first hand and even heard of several reports that the engines had been moved or tipped over.

This is a more recent picture of them:

It is difficult to make out the other items in the shot but I know on the site there are 2 ploughing engines (not a pair), a couple of implements, a portable engine and a very early Lanz tractor. I understand the line of machinery above has now been moved to make way for a new bridge.

A number of parties are trying to get these engines out of Angola to be restored, it remains to be seen if they will ever make it out of the country.